Brandt Reaction features a proprietary chelating agent to keep Phosphate, Potassium, and Sulfur available in high alkaline soils for up to 26 weeks.

  • More efficient than conventional fertilizers
  • Reaction is compatible with calcium, zinc and copper nitrates
  • Low salt index provides excellent plant safety
  • Non-hazardous
  • Application via flood, drip, or sprinkler irrigation, in furrow, side dress, banding, sprayer

For more information on Brandt Reaction please click here


Micro-nutrients are essential to complete crop health and maximum yield. SCALE Ag carries 3 lines of micro-nutrients from Brandt.

  • Sequestar
    • EDTA, EDDHA, DTPA chelated micro-nutrients
    • Nutrients remain readily available
    • Effective in a wide range of soil pH and conditions including highly alkaline western soils
    • Compatible with NPK's and liquid phosphate fertilizers
    • Can be applied via flood, drip, and sprinkler irrigation
    • Dry or liquid
    • Available in single nutrient or crop specific mixes
  • Manniplex
    • Highly effective sugar-alcohol
    • Coats leaf completely
    • Rewetable
    • Small molecule size promotes plant absorbtion
    • Engergy source for plant
    • Compatible with most insecticides, fungcides, and PGR's
    • Available in single nutrient or crop specific mixes including a SCALE Ag exclusive Nextrose Pecan
  • Smart System
    • Compatible with most herbicides
    • Increased application flexibility, one pass multiple applications
    • Highly mobile in plant
    • Mitigation of stress resulting from herbicide spray
    • Smart B is the most effective and mobile Boron product on the market
    • Per acre cost as low as $8/acre

Other micro-nutrients come from Utah based Baicor. For a full list of their products click here.


Adjuvants perform a wide range of functions in tank mix and spray applications. They can;

  • Improve compatibility by modifying chemical properities of the mix such as pH and reducing foam
  • Improve disposition and spreading
  • Enhance retention and adhesion on the leaf surface
  • Enhance penetration and uptake
  • Decrease pesticide drift to neighboring fields

Brandt is the manufacturer of many of the adjuvants of the market. For a full list click here.

Crop Protection

Part of achieving maximum plant health, yeild, and quality is minimizing pest and disease preasure. Part of this is achieved via complete plant nutrition to give the plant the strength to overcome these pressures. But, what if a pest has already taken hold and is spreading? Insert Brandt Crop Protection. Products such as Tritek, TresOilEcotec, Celite 610 (the best DE product on the market), Zonix, Kaligreen, Nordox, Sesamin EC, and Nema-q are tough on pests but easy on workers all being nonhazardous and most carrying an OMRI certification as well as full EPA labels. Feel free to click on the product names for brochures or click here to see the full list from Brandt.


With the organic market as popular as ever SCALE offers an extensive and ever-growing line of organic products. From macro and micro-nutrients to crop protection and adjuvants SCALE has a product to help you every step of the way. 

Brandt offers many OMRI certified adjuvants, crop protection, and soil applied micro-nutrients.

Utah based, Brandt subsidiary, Baicor has awesome foliar micro-nutrients manufactured in the US.

Ferticell offers salt control products, foliar sprays as well as NPK mixes in their Active line. 

Grower's Secret Nitrogen is one of the best organic nitrogen products on the market. It is extremely soluable in water and works great as a foliar spray. They also offer potassium and foliar sprays. Click here for their full line up. 

Humic Acid

Humic acid has long been used to promote soil health and plant growth. Benefits include:

  • Adds organic matter to organically-deficient

  • Increase root vitality

  • Improved nutrient uptake

  • Increased fertilizer and water retention

  • Stimulates beneficial microbial activity

Additionally humic acid works in clay soils by helping break up compacted soils and enhancing water penetration. Humic acid also works in sandy soils by adding essential organic matter and enhancing water and nutrient retention.




Gypsum is the common name for Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4) and is used to help leach toxic metals from soils. Applying gypsum to the soil dry or via irrigation can help soil structure in heavy clays and assist in longterm changes in soil pH by helping remove sodium from saline soils. At SCALE Ag we have parterned with Enviro Water Minerals (EWM) to bring you gypsum straight from the water under our feet. Located in El Paso, TX the EWM water reclamation plant is pumping up dirty, bracish water and extracting all of the things that make the water brakish leaving more fresh water for El Paso reducing the land the city needs to buy for water rights and giving us gypsum. This gypsum can then be applied as a powder directly to fields or after work SCALE is doing, as a liquid slurry or granule. This gypsum will also be mixed with humic acid for maximum soil benefits and is also a great source of calcium for your plants. 


SCALE Ag offers a wide range of seed brands including Alforex, Dairyland, Legacy, Gayland Ward, and Salton C so it's safe to say we have something to meet your needs.

Alforex and Dairyland

Alforex and Dairyland are both Dow Agrosciences brands and offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs. From alfalfa that ranges from fall dormancy 3 to 10 with Hi-Salt tolerance, Hi-Gest low lignin, and Hi-Ton designations to corn, sorghum, and cover crops they have a variety to fit your needs.

Legacy Seeds

Legacy offers alfalfa geared toward northern markets as well as wheat, corn, and cover crops.

Gayland Ward Seed

Gayland Ward specializes in grain sorghum, forage sorghum, sorghum sudan, and small grains.

Salton C

Salton C is SCALE's house alfalfa seed brand. Salton C is a value oriented brand offering 3 varieties, fall dormancy 8, 9, and 10, all featuring salt tolerance and good yield.